La belleza della terra


La bellezza del nostro pianeta

L'umanità semplicemente non potrebbe vivere una vita migliore, che in armonia con questo unico e naturale intorno per noi.

Purtroppo, nel corso dei secoli certe forze religiose e, di recente, le ofrze industriali hanno compiuto forzi consistenti per convincere noi, e se stessi, che l'umanità è superiore al resto della natura, quindi sarebbe li a nostra disposizione, solo per essere sfruttato a nostro piacimento, sia in nome di un creatore, piuttosto nascosto, o in nome di un'economia, abbastanza nascosta anche lei ciertamente.



(ancora da tradurre)

Those forces want(ed) us to always be, have or need more and better, but only because they thrive(d) on it themselves.
Specially industrial forces, over the last century, tell us from our birth that we always want/need more to be "happy": more and better food and clothes, bigger and better houses, more beauty, more luxury, more comfort, more safety, more security, more 'pleasure', more 'happiness', more 'fulfillment' and so on. And they try to convince us that all of that can be obtained through invented and artificial material, social or spiritual 'stuff' and posessions. The essence of modern human life is basically reduced to nothing else but fitting into this philosophy and system, to being at least a "good" consumer or, even better, being a profitable producer, even if it means exploiting and destroying natural wealth, diversity and harmony, the actual true resources of human hapiness and fulfullment.

If mankind wants to survive another century, we have to stop breaking down the planet like we have been doing over the last milennia and more specifically and dreadfully during the last two centuries, when Big Industry and Corporations without any conscience imposed Consumerism upon the world to assure outlet for the production capacity of their machines and industries, that became unlimited as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the self-defined, so-called 'Progress', which for many centuries has been the flag and the main excuse of mainly white, monotheist men to colonize, invade, contaminate the other continents.

True Human Progress can only emerge in harmony with nature and in profound connection to our ancestral roots. Since the leaders of the artificial ruling institutions of modern mankind (countries, corporations, religions, organisations) don't (want to) know or understand this, because they are, in fact, specifically educated and selected to only understand and blindly favor the concept of 'ever more', 'industrial growth' and very importantly 'Return On Investment', it is up to individual 'ordinairy' people and masses to recognize the real Human Essence, spread this awareness and patiently build a different model of society, until that old model simply becomes obsolete.

The point is, we should seriously start RECOVERING NOW! Just "sustainability" might have been enough around, say the sixties, but not anymore.


Another comparable video reinforcing the former.


Even the beauty and dynamics of even the non-living nature of our planet is astonishing (if you don't take in account the trees at the start of the video ;).


Earth seen from space