Inspiring references

The world is full of inspiring initiatives and references, that have the capacity to wake up people or to trigger (more) action from people who have already started to wake up and are becoming aware.

This page is simply for compiling references for possibly more specific distribution over this website later on.


Just a first example of an inspiring initiative in action


Change-this-society type of organizations


Links on human mental capacities



Consciousness -- the final frontier | Dada Gunamuktananda | TEDxNoosa 2014

3:25 - "Modern science is just now coming around to the conclusions, held by yoga science for millennia, to an explanation of our universe that is going to take our understanding to a whole new level and that is that both the substance and the intention of the universe come from a deeper reality than the material one we normally perceive with our mind and senses. And that reality is: consciousness. An all pervading blissful awareness, inherent in everybody and everything."



Earth Talk: Science and Spiritual Practices - Dr Rupert Sheldrake

22:20 - "'re trying to enter into a much larger realm of consciousness than just your own..."
23:15 - "...sacred places... temples, holy rocks, megaliths...they're supposed to be a bridge between heaven and earth... they're a kind of gateway... This standing stone is one of the earliest forms of a gateway between heaven and earth "


Prof Franz Hörmann most brilliant 15 minutes banned ted talk

1:44: "Money is not a positive value. Money is invented by the banks. If you go to the bank and you get a loan, they don't give you money that is already there...

2:20: "...when banks grant a loan, the money doesn't exist on beforehand. It is invented out of thin air. But then the banks want it back, with interest. And this is the problem. Because they never invent the money for interest."

3:34 "So this is the ROOT of this so called competition in the real economy.
We have to FIGHT against each other, to take away money from each other to give it back to the bank.
To give it to the banks as interests... yeah!


Mind over matter? Start with mind over materialism!

The more people let go of materialism and with it it's saddest respresentation: money, the more space humans will have in the sense of mind, time and energy to focus and learn about their own individual consciousness first, to then gradually grow towards collective consciousness. 
It is our conviction that this is currently happening at a high rate on a global scale to such extend, that probably we might consider, that the turning point has already been reached. Only the inertia of the global system, mainly due to the lagging of, currently, the greatest powers; banks and corporations, it is not showing clearly yet. But it doesn't matter really, even if they are not aware yet, their decline to, unavoidably, becoming obsoleet is already underway.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean we can sit back and wait for the change, this shift, to a new model to just appear. We have to continue to actively feed it and keep it growing, because Old World Order is ever more desperately feeding their model to try to delay it's forthcoming collapse. And we all know they are truly capable of feeding it every last bit of the little natural resources that are still left, until they litteraly have used up the whole planet, in which case they'd finally discover you can't eat money nor gold nor power. They'd have to try with their own GMO's, if they'd dare. In any case, obviously, this would be far to late and the planet simply cannot wait for those laggards (to use one of those friendly terms of their own making).

So, initiatives, efforts and suggestions have to keep coming and be made at every level, from non-violent activism and protest, to the embracement of a different consiousness or spirituality, passing by alternative models of business, finance and politics, all in harmony with and respect for our natural environment and human rights. During or after this process we even might discover that something like mind over matter is possible too.

Human Progress will enjoy adding it's grain of sand to the process.