Science is sexy!


Or better said, understanding how the world that surrounds you works is sexy: the world, nature and all of the universe. 

Mathematics in Nature

Many things in nature are pure applied mathematics, even if most people don't know it. Maybe they should. It would be another way to look at nature or mathematics. One way or the other, it broadens one's perspective and increases the understanding and awareness, that everything in nature is related and connected. Nature actually provides many wonderful solutions of how to do things. Nature has already taken care of almost everything, for millions and millions of years.


The Fibonacci sequence and Fractals are two truly mathematic concepts, that can be found everywhere in nature.


 One of the most simple examples of a fractal


Awesome Fibonacci sequence video


The math mystery: Mathematics in nature and universe

A provocative exploration of math's astonishing power across the centuries. We discover math's signature in the swirl of a nautilus shell, the whirlpool of a galaxy and the spiral in the center of a sunflower. Math was essential to everything from the first wireless radio transmissions to the prediction and discovery of the Higgs boson and the successful landing of rovers on Mars. But where does math get its power?


The fabric of the Cosmos



The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein - Full Documentary HD


Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell


Dark matter: The matter we can't see - James Gillies


Misconceptions about the Universe