Spirituality and sex?


Do sex and lust have a spiritual component that we do not know of (anymore), because it is being so banalized in modern and ever more globalized western society? Some ancient cultures have left clear signs that they had a far wider and more natural interpretation of sex, lust and lovemaking than most of us do nowadays. The same can be true of the numberless ancient cultures that have been destroyed and lost during European colonialism all over the planet


Kama Sutra, India's Ancient Culture<--break->

Even so, some knowledge has reached our days and they talk about societies that engaged with more dedication and more openly to sex, where homosexuality and sex in groups was more common than in our days, where women made love to several different man to get pregnant and both none and all of these men were the father of the child or simply communities under female rule instead of male rule.

Kamasutra y sus secretos. Documental completo en Español


Egyptian erotica

Among the collection of artefacts in the Egyptian museum of Turin, Italy, the largest in the world outside Cairo, one item stands out: papyrus 55001, more commonly known as the Turin erotic papyrus.

It's a very explicit sexual document from ancient Egypt. Depicted within its fragments there are twelve ordinary men and women in explicit sexual positions. For centuries it was kept out of public view...


Sex in the ancient world: Pompei

In the backstreets of Pompeii there is an extraordinary sight: the physical remains of a bejewelled, upper class woman entwined with the twisted torso of a Roman gladiator. Frozen in time, their passionate and doomed embrace opens a window through which we can start to survey the whole of Classical sexuality. This was a time in which men enjoyed unequalled sexual freedom; cavorting with courtesans, maid servants, and streetwalkers - and in which women were categorised as material either for marriage or pleasure. Evidence for this divide exists everywhere, like the perfectly preserved prostitutes' sandals designed to leave arrows with the words `this way' imprinted on the dusty streets.


The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

Shamanic sexual healing and sex magic.

"...the christian church set about to systematically destroy this knowlegde and they destroyed what is known as the mystery growths(?) which is where it was taught and they also burned down the library of Alexandria and other libraries holding really important texts about this."


SEX - The Secret Gate To Eden