Water = intelligent, has memory and even emotions?

This is a quite revolutionairty statement that, hence, will be ridiculized by conservative, linear, closed-minded thinkers and OWO, scientific-method, Newtonian scientists. But since quantum wisdom has already proven so many times in such unneglectible ways that thinking about science, nature, life and even spirituallity in the, literally, OLD (or Obsolete if you will) World Order thinking sets the wrong, short-sighted limits to our understanding of the cosmos, it is a statement that may well be taken in consideration according to a variety of experiments.

This is yet another germ for a Human Progress page to be further developed. 

Hat Wasser ein Gedächtnis?

La Memoria del Agua


Los Secretos Ocultos del Agua - Dr. Masaru Emoto

Documental del Dr.Masaru Emoto (DOC COMPLETO)