The selfish ape


(500 years ago - year 99,9999 (5,2 minutes ago) on the 100 year time-scale)

The human being is the self-proclaimed king of the Creation. Our extraordinary cultural and technological evolution has led us to dominate the planet and all its creatures. But something is going wrong: In this century, the so-called success of those who called themselves Sapiens-Sapiens is seriously threatened by the human overpopulation of the planet and by the climate change brought about by the over consumption of energy. 

If a terrestrial observer would study us in a zoological way as we do with other animals; what conclusion would he get out of our behaviour? Unfortunately we must admit that most of our actions are taken without considering the serious and sometimes unchangeable consequences that they can cause on our planet.

This documentary is trying to point out that despite the development of our civilization in this the 21st century, our genetic legacy is still there and the primate we used to be remains in us and determines our lives much more than we suspect.

The human being is not as smart as he thinks and has simply become a SELFISH APE.


The Ape that took over the world