The fifth dimension?


According to the latest mathematical (quantum) models 11 dimensions would be be needed to make it all work. As with all scientific models and theories, it is not 'true' or an accepted 'fact' as long as it is not empirically proven. So for the quantum model to be fully accepted and considered right, we need to find more than twice the number of dimensions than we now know of. This seems like quite an undoable job.

But science has been here many times before and almost as many times it did find seemingly impossible and frequently unimaginable answers, through perseverance, sometimes stuborness and at times even almost madness in combination with, indeed, the highest levels of probably our highest capacity: the human creativity.

So, to enlighten the problem it has to be taken in small steps. And the first step to all 11 dimensions, is of course to 'simply' find, define and understand at least one dimension, beyond the four we already know of and are tangible in our daily lives. This next 'small' step would be to discover THE or A fifth dimension.

Starting to compile 5th dimension info here.
This is new territory for and we don't yet know what or how many theories exist, so initially it may be a random, chaotic collection, but we trust that some order can be put in place along the journey. There is one advantage that we can take in account, of which we do not know if others do so too. But since there are several more dimensions to be discovered it may well be that different apparently non-matching theories about this fifth dimension, simply could be descriptions of any 'next' dimension, which could actually be the sixth, seventh or eighth. It seems we humans like to think of dimensions as having some kind of hierarchy, so that after our known four dimensions we first would need to find 'the' fifth dimension, before we even can start to think about the sixth or the seventh, as if dimensions would behave according to their own particular Maslow's pyramid. There is no reason at all why dimensions should follow our limited, consecutive and linear way that is described by the order of our numeric system (which in itself is actually no more than a one-dimensional representation of reality). So this means that any theory, up to a total of eleven could actually be right. 

So here we go!

Just a first few findings to check after a first search (Human Progress' to do list ;):


Parallels with past discoveries

When looking at great discoveries from the past we see that some of them were based on (or result of) unifiying two apparently different concepts. In simplified form:

  • Newton and Gravity
    The force that pulls an apple to the earth is the same force that pulls the moon to the earth
  • Maxwell and electro-magnetism
    First considered two different, independent forces turned out to be one and the same
    Later light itself turned out to be, actually, just a part of this wide spectrum
  • Einstein and Space-Time
    Space and time are not just two seperate concepts, they are related and one might even want to think that  they are the same at some level
  • Einstein and E=mc^2
    Mass and energy are one and the same thing!
  • Bohr and Quantum Theory 
    Light which was though to be a wave, turned out to behave as a particle too in certain circumstances, while electrons that were thought to be particles, sometimes behave like a wave
    (not sure if this was actually Bohr himself or someon afterwards)
  • if we have forgotten any, please let us know