Quantum physics


Quantum physics stands at the base of all existence. It implies matter, space, energy and possibly vibration or even time and reality. Until some hundred years ago life was simple and all matter was supposed to be build out of atoms, which were thought to be the smallest undividable parts of matter as if they were tiny marbles. Now the atom itself is known to consist of quarks. And quarks at their turn might consist of even smaller and more weird stuff called strings, which would be no more than just a kind of vibrational substance that may present itself as matter or as energy. At these tiny levels normal, intuitive and understandable laws of physics or mathematics do not apply anymore. Everything at this level is 'weird', a mistery and frequently incomprehensible. 

Brian Greene
The fabric of the Cosmos part 3/4 - A quantum leap
El tejido del Cosmos parte 3/4 - Un salto cúantico (VOS)

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Simple, obvious, ever-present aspects of our daily lives give scientists fits trying to understand them. One of these aspects is space which physicists are convinced is something more than nothing. This program explains the experiments that are giving scientists hints about what space is. 


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