Nature first!


Humanity could simply not live a better life, than in harmony with nature, the only true and natural surrounding for us.


Unfortunately, over the centuries several religious or territorial forces and, more recently, industrial forces have made insistent efforts to convince us, and themelves, that mankind is superior to the rest of nature as if it were just something at our disposal only to be exploited at our will and always in the name of some abstract superior authority: one or more gods, the nation, the economy.

Specially during the last century, industrial forces have been telling us from our birth that we always want/need more 'stuff' to be 'happy': more food and clothes, better houses, bigger cars, more beauty, more luxury, more comfort, more safety, more security, more 'experience' and so on. They try to convince us that 'happiness' can be obtained through invented and artificial 'stuff' and posessions you can buy. The essence of modern human life is basically reduced to nothing else but fitting into this philosophy and system, to being at least a "good" consumer.


Nature first!

Big industry and corporations don't mind about exploiting and destroying natural wealth, diversity and harmony. In fact it actually is an additional advantage for them. Because people who do know how to enjoy nature don't need much more, because nature in itself is actually the essential resource of human hapiness and fullfilment. In this sense nature might even be considered as competition by big industry.

However, true Human Progress in the long term (generations!) can only emerge in harmony with nature and in profound connection to our ancestral roots. The leaders of modern mankind's ruling but artificial institutions (countries, banks, corporations) don't want to know or understand this, because they are, in fact, specifically educated and selected to only understand and blindly follow the concept of industrial growth, ROI and even a legal duty to maximize profits for share holders.

Fortunately a growing number of common individuals and groups are recognizing the true human essence and the fundamental role of nature. They know that spreading this awareness and will slowly grow into a different model of society which eventually will make the old model obsolete, following the wise words of Buckminster Fuller.

One promising initiative is taken by former barrister Polly Higgins and other lawyers all over the globe, including Spanish former judge Baltasar Garzón, who want to turn Ecocide into the fifth crime against humanity.

If mankind wants to survive another century, we urgently need to stop breaking down the planet like we have been doing over the last milennia and more dreadfully during the last century. Human Progress' own view is that, in fact, we should start considering Recovery! Just "Sustainability" might have been enough around, say the sixties, but most probably even that is not enough anymore.


The beauty of our home planet.

Just some videos to remember or become aware of the sheer beauty of Nature general and (y)our Planet in particular, which cannot ever be surpassed by whatever kind of artificial creation by industry or technology.


Just the beauty and dynamics of even the non-living nature of our planet is astonishing.


Earth as seen from space.