Initially Human Progress would have liked to simply compile, share and discuss all possible hypotheses regarding the progress of humanity in a natural way, as species and in a social sense on a long term, evolutionairy scale over tens or even hundreds of generations. The intention would be to try to create an idea of our possible long-term future options, over the same time interval as we have already covered in our form of Homo Sapiens, about some 200.000 years.

Modern mess

However, modern society is a growing mess and heading at ever increasing speed into a dead end street, due to the industrial, profit-obsessed money system, which is actually completely irrelevant to true human essence, but unfortunately globally dominant.

This stupid system is absolutely unfit to offer any valid setting for sustained, balanced or honest development and "progress" for mankind as a whole. It is a mechanism that only seeks to sustain itself, until we end up destroying ourselves in unreasonable, foolish wars or due to the total annihilation of our natural environment, which we depend upon much more, than the short-sighhted gold, plastic and cement blinded elites.

The human species as a whole could have a really glorious collective, common future if it wasn't for just a small retarded elite group that thinks that having money, control or power is of any importance or serves some purpose.

This awareness was particularly woken when Greece had to be bailed out for a second time: a whole country going bankrupt? The cradle of democracy being overthrown by something as stupid as profit-obsessed industrial imperialism? That was the definite sign that the world had gone crazy, loosing sight of real human priorities. The 'modern times' (how visionary he was...) mechanism is even more sneaky and ruling with even more sophistication, than had religions for centuries in darker eras. This modern 'progress', purely based on profit-obsessed ever growing production and industrialization has clearly not been an improvement nor a valid alternative to the religious domination during the middle ages. 

This made the Greek problem the turning, or actually the starting, point for Human Progress to definitely become active with a first publication: A better solution for Greece (& rest of the world) 


Fortunately, even within the mess that the elites and authorities are creating, social awareness persists and even grows, in a multitude of ways which are not yet fully defined, but show the increasing force of collective consciousness.


The way to go:

This video explores the depths of the current human condition and the emergence of a new worldview. 
(Subtitles in several languages)

so we can reach BALANCE and HARMONY among each other and with nature.


We have to stop destroying our world

which we do, because (offshore) banks, big industry, wall street (stock exchange in general), speculation, financial sharks, politicians and other organized crime constantly seek to stimulate and increase our own small-scale materialistic greed, through which they can feed their own unsatiable large-scale greed for money and power.


The American (& global) "dream" is collapsing anyway...


Time to wake up

  • Must see links - videos that explain banks, large industry, wall street, speculation, fraud, corruption -> world crisis & domination
  • Related Twitter hashtags checklist - under development  for personal use, but maybe also of interest for others. Suggestions accepted (in comments), some references: international/US: #antibank #antibanks #s17 #17s #sept17 #17sept #occupy #ows ES: #indignados #15M IT: #beppegrillo #cincuestelle

After that many observations and further learning followed:

Main (collateral) discoveries resumed:


  1. The Federal Reserve of the US is neither federal, nor do they have reserves - it's a fraud by mayor private banks with the help of large corporations and "the markets" source: Aaron Russo - Bill Still
  2. In fact, the whole current economic system is a fraud, maintained and controlled by banks (see further comment under must see)
  3. IRS is a fraud - tax on wage in US is not in the law, it is illegal. source: Aaron Russo
  4. Essential problem of the crisis is deregulation of the financial sector, with just the greed of the bankers as only reason. source: don't  remember exactly, it really comes in  several videos.
  5. The existing credit problems of the nations is not the fault of your current government, it's the result of a decades long strategy from the bankers. And it won't change through elections either by changing or keeping government, choosing left or right. What is needed are governments that make laws that restrict the financial sector's excesses, regulating it again. Abolish Tax Paradises. Abolish interest rates on bank loans. Nationalize central banks. The incomes of the government leaders are public in many countries, they more so should be of the banks' and multinationals' directing board. Transparency is the key issue!


Historic Human Progress references: