Our place in the Universe

The initial sequence for Human Progress is, unavoidably, the same as for Humanity itself: 

  1. Cosmos
  2. Earth
  3. Life

Being aware of and knowing to appreciate the harmony and beauty of cosmic laws and forces as well of the magic of life and consciousness, is an undisputable premise to allow for any further Human Progress, since we are no more than just one of the last steps (at least as we know of) in the long chain of an everlasting cosmic evolution.

For those who have not yet grasped this understanding or, on the contrary, want to reinforce this awareness, Human Progress strongly and passionately recommends the following sequence of videos, just for a start ;) Enjoy!

One of Carl Sagan's most pertinent messages for humanity.

EARTH - One video you NEED to see


Earth Birth between 13 billion years ago and 250 million years into the future.


How the Earth was made - Birth of the Earth

3:30Nobody could explain how coliding microscopic mineral grains could ever create an object the size of a planet. Then, in 2003, an experiment on board the International Space Station accidentally provided extraordinary new evidence.
Astronaut Don Pettit [...] did a simple experiment by pouring some salt into a plastic bag and shaking it. The results were astounding. The particles immediately began to stick to each other, forming little clubs, all held together by tiny static electric charges. Scientists realized, that if grains of salt stuck together in space, then so could the mineral grains in the solar dust cloud.
Here was real evidence for the fundamental mechanism, that kick-started the formation of the earth.

16:06 - The most recent study dates the Earth as four billion five hundred and sixty seven years old:
4.567.000.000  years.

25:22 - This means that more than 4 billion years ago, Earth had a solid crust at least 12 miles thick. [...] That means there was an ocean and a lot of water 4,2 billion years ago.

30:08 - New evidence showing how our water arrived on earth has emerged from a meteorite.

35:38 - Until they were found in the Allende meteorite, scientists believed that amino-acids were first made by chemical reactions on the surface of the Earth. [...] Scientists now believe that the buidling-blocks of life originally came from space. Meteorites containing amino-acids have bombarded Earth ever since the planet formed. And it was these amino-acids that were the starting point for all life.


The story of earth.


Our place in out galaxy: inside the Milky Way