Science and CERN, in search for the truth


- WHY?
- "I want to find truth!"
It's that simple.

"Quantum mechanics, of course, is why you get these cellphones and radio and all that bourgeois stuff we couldn't live without anymore..."

Anyone seeing this video is making use of, and therefore implicitely accepting, what science has discovered over the last few centuries when we finally got out of the supersticious and shortighted dark ages. This does not only involve quantum-mechanics or electro-magnetics, but also astronomy, archaeology, biology, cosmology and many more that all follow the same scientific methodology, which is repeatable, calculable and verifiable.

In other words if you "believe" in cell phones, you cannot but accept the validity of science and the scientific method, which includes evolution, in the earth being billions of years old and eventually in something like the Big Bang.


Science simply observes, collects data, compares and then developes theories until we understand why things work as they work. CERN is simply the latest and most modern development of a search that has engaged mankind forever.