Human Evolution: Homo Sapiens -> Society -> Human Progress

Most videos on this site reflect the generally accepted theories on Human Evolution and the Emergence of Civilization and Society. However, alternative theories exist that should not be discharged as they sometimes answer questions that cannot be thouroughly explained by official theories.

Alternative theories may leave doubts on other issues, but it's not a reason to just bluntly discart them as do conventional (Newtonian) scientists.
But as also can be seen on several of the videos here, history shows many cases of 'alternative' theories being rejected as foolish by established scientific authorities, while ten, twenty or a hundred years later they do proof to be correct. Discharging theories should not be done easily.

Please excuse the disapperance of some embedded Youtube videos because they are being censored or deleted due to the ever (profit-obsessed) MSM copy-rights.
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Alternative theories on the history of Humanity

Alternative theories state that both the beginning of the evolution of mankind as the beginning of civilization could be brought back much further in time then we have been taught by conventional science. There are even theories that suggest mankind, or life, were "put" on earth on purpose by aliens.


Did the human species emerge much earlier than thought?


Did society emerge much earlier than thought?


Are we 'put' here by aliens?


Human Progress' point of view 

Human Progress is open to and curious about all theories that have some scientifically sustainable proof or logic, including the aliens version. However, we do admit we don't like that one too much :) This is not just because it actually offers considerably less proof than other theories, but more specifically, we don't like the idea of just shifting away the two most interesting and beautiful enigmas that still need to be resolved satisfactory:

  • how did life first emerge
  • how did it evolve to complex organisms and finally human beings

It is, admittedly, a conscious choice to stick to a specific set of theories: we simply like to think that evolution of life as we know it, did all happen on our own planet and that all the answers can be found here (say, within the solar system) if we just keep investigating until finding enough and the right evidence, while adjusting and refining existing theories on the go. Accepting the aliens theory would only push those questions somewhere else, away from us, where we can't go to find the answers.
For the moment we prefer to stick to the building blocks of life (amino-acids) having developed in space, but then evolved into life and eventually human being here on earth. No further external manipulation of any kind after this. 


Yet unanswered questions

There are many questions that are not answered satisfactory at all by established theories, leaving a wonderful world of speculations yet to dig into. Just two examples drawn from the various videos on this site:

  1. How and by whom have the Pyramids been constructed?
    This may be the one easiest and most obvious questions. If modern 'civilization' is supposed to be the most advanced to ever have existed, how come we would not be able to make them? To more or less extend this also goes for the pyramids in South America, the sculptures of Rapa Nui or Stonehenge. Related to this question:
  2. How come the supposedly earliest civilizations seemed to already have covered almost all basics of human knowledge and organizational abilities right from the start?
    Excluding industrial mass production, almost everything our modern society is based on, already existed in the time of the Babilonians and Sumerians. From agriculture to astronomy (including, it seems, the knowledge that the earth is a sphere, travels around the sun and even knowing about precesion), from mathematics to social organization.
    There does not seem to be much logic in the earliest civilizations being almost the most advanced in all human history, as if suddenly there was a huge leap forward quite shortly after leaving the caves and being hunter-gatherers. This was maintained to some extend in the classic civilizations like the Egyptians, the Greek and the Romans, after which humanity (at least in Europe) seems to have plunged back into the dark, full of ignorance, fear and superstition, only to slowly crawl back up after the Italian Renaissance, although with a mindset quite different from those of the classics.